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We continue to be plagued by a large number of leaks occurring throughout the property. This is due in most part to aging copper pipes developing pinhole leaks as well as rotting galvanized connections on drain lines. The simplest way to avoid this situation is to have your Unit re-plumbed with newer PVC piping and changing out the galvanized connections. While Owners may be reluctant to re-pipe due to cost, we urge you to consider the following:

The average cost for a re-pipe is approximately $2500-3000. Several Owners who have experienced leak issues have had to pay as much as $20,000-25,000 due to damage to their Unit as well as surrounding Units. Often, these occurrences are not covered by insurance as they are classified as maintenance issues, meaning that the money comes out of pocket. It could also involve litigation from surrounding Owners due to the damage to their Unit caused by your leak.

IN ADDITION: The Association is experiencing an increase in expenses related to damaged drywall which impacts our budget leading to an increase in assessments.


Make sure to use a licensed and insured contractor.

Make sure to include changing out the galvanized nipples to the drain lines under the kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as the A/C line.

Have the water shut-off valve moved to a more convenient location by mounting it on the wall, instead of on top of the water heater.

Don’t forget the ice maker! Have a valve box installed behind the refrigerator with a flexible tube line.

Change out the washer connection for stainless steel connections. They are available at any home improvement store and you don’t need a plumber. You can do it yourself!

LASTLY: The Association Office is here to assist you. Please contact us if you have any questions.