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UPDATED: 07/11/19


DRAFT of Third Amenment to Rules and Regulations

The below letters were mailed out to all owners.


Dear Owner:


One of the responsibilities of the Board of Directors is to periodically review the Rules and Regulations of the Association.  Under our condominium governing documents, the Board can then amend the Rules as needed to ensure the safety and security of the community, address insurance liability concerns, or changes to Florida Statutes and Codes.


A proposed Third Amendment to the Rules and Regulation are being considered for approval at the July 19, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting.  In accordance with Florida Statutes, this letter is to serve as 14-day notice in advance of that meeting. 

Also, in accordance with Florida Statutes, a full and complete copy can be viewed on our website as well as the Sentry Community portal to give all Owners an opportunity to review the changes prior to approval.  You can also request a copy be emailed to you by writing to the Association Office. 



Here are some highlights to the additions/changes:

Rule 11 – Sound/Odor Transmission: No unit shall be altered in any manner that would increase sound/odor transmission to any surrounding Unit, including, but not limited to, the replacement or modification of any flooring or floor covering or the penetration of any wall, floor or ceiling that increases sound/odor transmissions to any other Unit. (Please refer to ARC Guidelines for additional requirements)

Rule 22 – All residents are required to have a parking sticker placed on their vehicle for gate entry.  Overnight guests must obtain a visitor pass.

Rule 33 & 34 – Fitness Center and Pool/Spa Areas are now incorporated into the Rules and Regulations.

Rule 44 – Owners must carry insurance which covers all personal property within the Unit or Limited Common Elements, and floor, wall, and ceiling coverings, electrical fixtures, appliances, water heaters, water filters, built-in cabinets, countertops and window treatments….Such property and any insurance thereupon is the responsibility of the Unit Owner.  Should an Owner fail to obtain insurance to adequately cover these losses, they understand the costs for maintenance, repair and replacement of the same {regardless of damage resulting for another Owner’s Unit} shall be born by that Unit Owner.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Association Office.  When properly enacted and enforced, the Rules and Regulations will enhance property values and create a pleasant living environment for our community.


Thank you for your consideration and support,

The Board of Directors

Draft of Rules & Regulations


Owner resposibility letter and chart


As a reminder, GATE ENTRY STICKERS are required for all residents. In addition, we now have VISITOR TAGS available for guests parking overnight on property. Please contact the Association Office for more information.